About Us

Hi this is Liz Hawkes, I am passionate about words and the teaching of languages.

As language teachers we can have so much fun in and outside the classroom.

Having been in teaching for 33 years, teaching from Grade 1 to 12, I’ve realized there is a great need out there.

So together with some of my dear friends we have decided to start this page in order to give you, as colleagues, quality materials to work with.

The idea is to assist with Intermediate and Senior Phase

We want to plan your SBA  tasks and put together additional resources to make teaching ‘Simple’.

So we will tackle both the levels of English and Afrikaans at the same time.  We have already included some information from the CAPS documents and simplified the Assessment Plans.

If there is a need, we want to fulfil it.

Ask and we will create worksheets for you.

I am looking forward to this exciting journey.

Please contact me with a comment or request.

Kindest regards

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Shakespeare's words